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Fishing for us is a way of life. We have some of the best sources of water time fun and a huge and diverse source of fish and other wild catching fun. Second to none, we are very serious about the lifestyle and one thing you can be sure about is that we will be giving you some of the best information on the subject and maybe you are not a Floridian but just planning a trip here, it makes no never mind. You will learn different methods and ways of taking fish and you will learn how us real Floridians safely and ethically take fish in one of the most beautiful landscapes you could ever imagine.

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Fishing reel types used in Florida are wildly different yet somehow almost exactly the same. Some people will argue one way or another but the truth is we use the exact same setup you would be used to just with a Florida twist. The Baitcasting Reel is one of our favorite and is enjoyed by anglers all over Florida but especially in the inland areas where the Saint Johns river flows and even in to our many natural spring fed tributaries.

Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Along with the Baitcasting Reel is the Spincast Reel and you will find this in use all over the state in fresh brackish and salt water. It is our favorite fishing reel to teach knew anglers how to enjoy the sport but it is also a go to weapon of choice when you are after the fun to catch but not as big fresh water fish. In Florida brackish water and tides and currents often make the typical salt water fish a little difficult to catch on smaller and less powerful platforms. The salt water is incredibly corrosive as well and one of the reason you don’t see a Spincast Fishing Reel out on the ocean is the salt will collect and bind up the insides. A natural corrosive substance the salt also can have a seriously bad effect on a Spincast Fishing Reel but that is not to say we don’t use them just the same.

I personally use a Spincast Fishing Reel on my Onieda bow for some of the best bow-fishing you could ever enjoy but that Spincast Fishing Reel is seriously heavy duty and powerful enough to bring in the big ones. As those restrictions I mention above can mean a good reel can break very quickly in harsh surroundings it is important to remember that the Spincasting Fishing Reel is still something your going to see used all over the state of Florida because it is simple and often times cheaper for new anglers to get comfortable with. That being said, they do make some seriously impressive salt-water ready Spincast Fishing Reels.

Spincast Fishing Reel

Hands down the most popular fishing reel type you are going to see in Florida is the Spinning Fishing Reel, aside from deep sea rigs, that is. The Spinning fishing reel is an open face design and works very well in all water environments. When you see people on the beech casting out in to the surf you will notice they are all using pretty large Spinning fishing reels. They make for an easy day on the water and they can quickly switch spools so you can put on a heavy or light weight line without re-spooling the entire line. That is something that comes in handy because in Florida the time of day determines the type of fish and your rig setup in the morning will need to be changed for mid day evening and night. That is what makes Florida such a rich experience when fishing but as previously mentioned the Spinning Fishing Reel is the most common and best suited fishing reel type to be used in ALL of the Florida water ways.

Another thing you are going to see in Florida is the saltwater only setups and these are usually designed to take a beating in some harsh conditions. From the surf to the Gulf and even off shore, the salt water fishing reel is the most obviously used and the most bought and sold type of fishing reel in the state of Florida. They tend to cost a little bit more than your other types but they are designed to prevent rust and they also tend to use a much more aggressive gear ratio because salt water caught fish are almost always stronger. They live in a turbulent and energetic environment so these fish need something that isn’t going to buckle under the stress so if you plan on doing some salt water fishing here in the state of Florida you should consider a few different options but don’t get too caught up in price. Instead look for a design you are comfortable with.

Spinning Fishing Reel


Another thing in Florida, and you will see it often, is an angler here in FL will have a much different attitude when it comes to rods. It is not uncommon to see a gun rack converted to hold 4 or 5 different fishing rods types. Fishing Rods have some serious differences and they are unique not only to style but function as well. The most common rods in Florida are the Heavy action for the open ocean water and the light/medium action used mostly inland. Medium action is probably the most popular but just barely and that is because it gives you the feel of the water without every dip and bump feeling like a strike. You know the feeling, your reeling in your line slowly and you feel that twitch and you start to furiously set the hook and get that catch in just to find out you were catching some sea bed grass! Nothing is more annoying than feeling like you’ve got something on the line and bringing it in and seeing nothing but grass. The medium action rods will tune that out for you but keep in mind that in the fresh water a lighter action rod works the exact same way but in a way that suits those fish. In fresh water on a lake you may not always feel like you got a hit on a medium or heavy action rod. Some of the fish we catch in those lakes are not very big in terms of size when you put them next to fresh caught mullet but they are very good eating so Floridians tend to use those smaller light weight action rods just to make sure we hook up every time without ripping the fish in half because we used a rod that can take a shark!

Fishing Rod Action Power

That is it in a nutshell and that is what we will be doing here at ITTE. We are Florida fisherman dedicated to spreading the word about how great fishing in Florida really is. We will be posting videos and articles from friends and other people from around the internet and we will also be giving you deals on lures and baits and everything else you can think of. You will be able to see what fishing means to us here and just how important it is in the day to day of all Floridians and maybe you come on by and join us! When were not at Sebastian Inlet or out in the Gulf we can be found on lakes and rivers all over the state. No matter what your level of experience is, Florida is the place to go fishing and ITTE is the place to find out about the best Florida fishing spots and the best prices on fishing equipment like Spincast rod and reel combos and even salt water Baitcasting fishing reels and as always, Spinning reels to suit any fishing trip!

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Florida Tarpon Fish